Creating brand awareness with competitions

kiwi comp

Written by Smokeylemon Team

21 January 2020 | Less than a minute to read

Latitude Homes encouraged their audience to help enhance their brand by naming the Kiwi from their TV advert.

By reaching out to their current followers and also advertising for entries outside of their social media circles, Latitude Homes were able to converse with the general public and expose them to the brand without a heavy sales message.

The idea of holding a competition was great for generating engagement and extending brand reach. However, there is a lot of work that goes into a competition - fortunately smokeylemon have the writers, designers, marketers, and programmers to make it all work like clockwork for our clients. 

To engage the public, Latitude leveraged their existing Facebook and Instagram accounts, TV on Demand and Google advertising, a specific landing page on their website and a marketing CRM system for the collection and sorting of data, plus follow up communications from the competition.

The results were fantastic. They received 1,211 entries, each one of those entries now a lead in their database.
In terms of public engagement in the campaign, here are the results:

kiwi comp infpgraphic

Oh, and the name of the Kiwi? We’d like to introduce you to Latitude Homes’s fluffy little ambassador, Pipi.

kiwi named pipi

Thinking of holding a competition?

Thinking of holding a competition?

Download our checklist that details all that you need to think about when hosting a competition for your business.