new brand, website & marketing for rj eagar

RJ Eagar is definitely one of the most important local family-owned retailers in Taranaki. With 70 years in business, they offer furniture, flooring solutions and window treatments, as well as expert interior design advice in their four New Plymouth and Stratford showrooms. Their 70th anniversary was the perfect timing to develop a new marketing strategy and a modernised brand.


Their marketing portfolio included an old-fashioned and limited website that listed only a few products. Most of their budget was spent on traditional media with little direction or measurement criteria in place. Considering the highly competitive marketplace both locally and online, a holistic marketing strategy was needed.

We set up marketing goals that included a more effective digital presence with a strong focus on targeting, measurement and data analysis. The change also consisted of a new retail language that switched from traditional and fact-based to evocative and inspirational, supported by modern and refreshing imagery.

RJ 1 v2


To develop the rebrand, we broke the brand down into five elements: personality, values, identity, promise and concept. Under these elements we built the identifying attributes of the brand.

When put into common practice, these elements would become behaviours and guides to staff members’ actions and communications. As a final result, they would affect the customers’ mental representation of the brand. Not just a quality choice for furniture and interior fitouts, RJ Eagar is a local company backed up by experienced advice, hands-on guidance and knowledge.

Visually, the new brand reflects an inspiring, modern and refreshing look and it is reflected in their new colour pallette, fonts, logo, and slogan. A combination of hand lettering and a modern sans serif typeface give the RJ Eagar brand a modern appeal and communicate authenticity, personality and quality while transferring elegance to the brand.

Using the new visuals, we designed everything from their signage, business cards, and corporate folders, to their company vehicle signage, print ads, and social media assets.

RJEagar Brand display v2


The old site was limited in terms of user experience as there were only a few products available and some of them outdated. The new website has a mobile-friendly e-commerce layout that meets the needs of a younger audience, uses inspiring imagery and has a blog section with seasonal trends, interior design tips and other resources that position RJ Eagar as an authority in the field.

The website is tagged with tracking codes that allow us to measure the leads and conversions and have information on how those users arrived at the website. This information is, therefore, used to understand, adjust and optimise the digital campaigns based on their effectiveness.

RJEagar web display


Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing: Although RJ Eagar had been running Google Ads and Facebook advertising, a whole new campaign structure was designed to match the new message and concept. To re-target users who had already visited the website, we developed remarketing campaigns on both the Google network and social media. As part of the brand awareness plan, we designed ads for the online version of the local newspaper. The ongoing campaigns are optimised and adjusted on a monthly basis.

Search Engine Optimisation: In order to show up on Google when users do a search, every website has to follow a set of guidelines and contain meaningful content. This was our most important goal when we developed the website structure and content. The new website is fully optimised for search engines and we perform an SEO audit every month to make sure all the metadata is correct and up to date.

RJ Digital Marketing